About Us

Oh where to start? Introducing ourselves is probably the best way...
We are Maureen and Edgar, partners in life, partners in crime, partners in creativity!

Looking through a lens has always been a big part in each of our lives, so it only made sense that life through a lens was a big topic on our first date! Add a few more dates to this, plenty of creativity and M.E. Photo & Films was born.

With almost 10 years of experience as wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we can absolutely say we are all about making a special connection with you. Of course there are plenty of technical aspects that are important, but in the end - if you feel comfortable with us, you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that´s when the magic happens.

For us, wedding photography and wedding videography is are all about capturing your day in a photojournalistic way and at the same time include the classics as well as plenty of candid moments. Bold, romantic, fun and colorful is the perfect way to describe us and that of course
fits in perfect with Destination weddings!


Our Vision

Our vision is creating experiences. It´s not just about that click, it´s not just about technical capabilities.

It´s about you having an experience you won´t forget!

The biggest compliment we get from our clients is how comfortable we make them feel. And like we mentioned above - if you feel comfortable, it shows! It´s important we get to know you, so that when we work together, we are able to capture more authentic moments. We love those little smiles that happen just before a kiss, we adore that special look nobody else gives you and above all - we love to have fun! Whether this is chasing your kids on the beach for a photo session filled with laughter, or us jumping in the middle of the dance floor to catch your friends busting a move - we are right there!

Nice to meet you!

Resorts we love...

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Professional Wedding Photographer serving Cancun, Riviera Maya & beyond...