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Wedding photography and wedding videography is all about capturing your day in a story telling way and at the same time include some of the classics. Do you love unplanned moments, little details and fun... (lots and lots of fun)? Do you enjoy bold, romantic and colorful images? Then look no further - you found us!

This is us!

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 14.03.40.png

We are M.E. Maureen & Edgar, Mexico meets Europe. See what we did there? We have built a beautiful life and business together in Mexico for the past 5 years. As a couple - we couldn´t ask for a better colleague to work with. There´s a blind trust between us and we are known to communicate with just a quick look (or so we have been told!).

Maureen is our Lead Photographer and your best friend during your planning process. She´s very organized and pays a lot of attention to detail, but at the same time she´s caring (read - will put others before herself), likes to have a good time and has a very close bond with her family (which is a perfect excuse to travel to Europe often). It´s rare to find her up early (unless it´s to travel!), as she prefers to lie in and snuggle with Katrina (her dog) before starting her day.

Edgar (but he´ll always tell you to call him Eddy) is our Lead Videographer and is the creative brain behind all the videos you see. He´s an early bird (who wakes up without an alarm at 6am?!?!), someone who makes great conversation (pretty much any subject), outgoing, fun, our self-proclaimed “sexy Mexican” and... your guests will 100% be taking a video of him busting his dance moves on the dance floor, because that´s just who he is.

Your team!

What you should know about us...

We like to get to know you, because, the better we know you, the more comfortable you are with us and that makes it so much easier for us to capture you! So... we think it´s only fair you get to know us a little too!

And last but not least...

We love what we do!

Sharing the love...

" Book this team!

Maureen and Edgar truly made our wedding what it was! No joke.

We LOVE the artsy shots they captured as well as magical small moments of the guests we adore. Everyone who attended the wedding have printed a photograph as they were just THAT GOOD.

Edgar cultivated a masterpiece of a short film for us. Forget boring, hour long wedding video. Think of an artistic short that you'd be proud of placing front and center of your Insta page. Every time we watch it, we cry, we laugh and we are transported back to our day. You 'feel' the experience again.

Please don't waste time researching other teams. I am very picky and have a high bar for what we wanted. Maureen and Edgar EXCEEDED every expectation we had.

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

Intimate Bridal Portrait - LGBTQ wedding - Secrets Akumal-1.jpg

Alison & Gena

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