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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where curiosity meets clarity and questions find their answers! Here, we hope to provide you with all the information you need. Whether you have a simple question or seeking that "aha!" moment, we've got you covered. Our FAQ section is a gathering of the most common questions we get asked, right here in one place.

Brace yourself - information overload!






What’s your style/approach to wedding photography/videography?

First and foremost, we consider ourselves story tellers. This means that we believe that your photos and videos should be a true reflection of your love story. We want to capture the real you, in all your joy, love, and emotion. Our style is heavily influenced by the personalities and dynamics of each couple we work with. Since every wedding (and every couple) is unique, We create an approach that combines our artistic vision with the vibe and energy of each couple (and their guests!). Bold, romantic, fun, colorful and images that provoke emotion is the perfect way to describe us.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Depending on the month you’re getting married, we recommend to book a year in advance. We limit the number of weddings that we take on each year to assure that we have plenty of time to focus on each wedding individually, so it’s worth reaching out sooner rather than later to reserve your date.

Can we ask you to tentatively hold a date for us?

We are happy to hold your date for a maximum of 2 weeks without a signed contract / retainer. If you are unable to make a decision within this time, the date will get released and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Are you the photographer/videographer that will be shooting my wedding?

Yes, absolutely! We will always be the primary photographer/videographer at your wedding.

Do you bring a second photographer/videographer?

Yes, this is certainly an option. In face, second photographers and/or videographers are already built in to some of our packages. Although we shoot some weddings solo, being able to capture the emotion and candid moments is often enhanced by having an extra set of eyes (and cameras!). It simply allows for more options/flexibility in terms of your getting ready photos, better coverage of your ceremony, and it also means that there’s someone to stay behind and capture the cocktail hour whilst we are taking group photos or portraits.

Having a second photographer/videographer also means they take care of the more "standard" wedding photos and video moments, allowing us to produce more creative shots throughout your wedding day.

In the end, it really comes down to your wedding, your preferences and the coverage that you desire.

What equipment do you bring to a wedding?

We believe the better questions is: what do we not bring? Here´s a quick list to give you an idea:
- 2 Camera bodies (Canon R5 + Canon R, both are high-end mirrorless digital cameras)
- Variety of lenses (28-70mm, 17-40mm, 85mm and 70-200mm lens - for optimal variety)

- 2 Flashes (or adding a third if needed, depending on the lighting situation at your venue)

- 2 Camera bodies (Sony FX3 and Sony FX30, both are high-end Cinema Line mirrorless digital cameras)
- Variety of prime lenses (16-30mm, 24-70mm and 50mm - for optimal variety)
- Stabilizers/gimbals 
- Audio equipment (an on-camera directional microphone, an audio recorder to plug into the audio system and lavalier microphones)
- Drone (DJI Air 2)
- Lighting (2 or more lights, depending on the lighting situation at your venue)

And plenty of additional batteries and memory cards, just in case (knock on wood, we’ve never had any equipment malfunctions).

Are you bilingual?

Bilingual? We are trilingual! Edgar is Mexican, so Spanish is his native language and in addition he speaks advanced English. Maureen is from The Netherlands, so she speaks Dutch on top of also speaking fluent English and advanced Spanish.



Do you help with the details/timeline of our wedding day coverage as our wedding day approaches?

Absolutely! We understand that (in most cases), planning a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you might not know where to start or how much time you should allow for each element of the day. We strongly believe that you should be able to enjoy your day without feeling rushed or just "going through the motions" and one of our top priorities is to work with you on building a timeline that suits your wants and needs, but also allows us the time needed to capture this. We know it´s hard to estimate how many hours you might need, so before booking we offer a complimentary consultation, to get a better idea of your vision and suggest a package that would fit in well with your needs. That said, if there are changes in your coverage in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, you can certainly add extra hours as needed (or even extend on the day!).

When you work with us, you´ll have help in building your timeline, suggestions, tips and tricks, attention to detail & video call brainstorming!


Do you provide retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services?

All photos and video you receive will be fully edited to the extent that you see on our website. This includes tone and white balance adjustment, exposure adjustment, cropping, color grading, contrast and saturation adjustments as well as local adjustments (if needed).
In photography, skin softening/retouching will always be done on you and your partner, however we don’t (by default) edit out moles, freckles, scars, etc.. as they are very personal and unique features that make you... well you! If you wish to have anything like that removed please let us know prior to the editing process.

How long after our wedding do we have to wait to get our photos and videos?

A photo sneak peek will be sent to you within seven days of your wedding. For the remaining images/videos, our contract stipulates a maximum of 4 weeks for the delivery of your full photography gallery and a maximum of 8 weeks for your video delivery. Of course, if your gallery and/or videos are ready early, we´re more than happy to share these ahead of time!

How will we receive our photos and videos?

You will receive a link to an online gallery that contains all of the finished photos and videos from your wedding day for you to view, download and share. To download the images, a personal PIN number will be shared, so only you and those you share the PIN number with will have full access to your gallery. 

How do we go about printing our images?

You have full printing rights for all of the images in your final gallery, and you may use whatever printing vendor you’d like. Printing can also be done directly through your online gallery using our professional print lab.

How do we go about obtaining the license for the music in our videos?

You can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the music used in your videos. You won't need to worry about any licensing headaches or copyright concerns because we've got it all covered! We have curated a collection of captivating cinematic, royalty-free music that perfectly complements our work and adds that extra touch of magic. By using royalty-free music, we've ensured that all the tracks we utilize are legally cleared for commercial use, saving you from any hassle.

What type of payments do you accept?

As you are booking a Destination Wedding, we´re keeping things simple. We process all payments through PayPal. You can use credit card or debit card, but please ensure to review PayPal´s policies on any fees that might apply when using a credit card.







What are the next steps if we would like to book you?

Before booking we strongly suggest we hop on a consultation call. This is just to get a feel for your day, your wants and needs and your vision, so that based on that (and together with you) we can decide which package is best suited for you. Once that has been decided, we ask you to fill out a Booking Form, read - sign - and return our Terms of Service and a 50% retainer is required to reserve your date.


While our FAQ section covers the essentials, we know that each wedding is unique and you may have specific questions tailored to your big day. That's where our one-on-one consultation comes in.

This is a dedicated session where you can ask anything you want, from the finest details to the big picture. This personalized experience allows us to understand your vision and provide tailored suggestions and expert guidance every step of the way.

Book your consultation today by clicking the below button!

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