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So... What´s next?

You´ve gotten to know us a little bit, browsed through our work and filled out our contact form to get more information. But what happens now? Keep your eyes open for an email from us ( with more information about our packages and how we work.

Top Tips

for booking a photographer/videographer

Browse through portfolios!
We recommend that you view 2-3 full weddings before selecting your photography and/or videography team. You can browse our client gallery here and view our most recent videos under the videography section of our website.


Choose someone that has a personality that matches yours.
Your photographer and/or videographer will be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day. If your photographer and/or videographer is someone that you don’t enjoy being around, it is going to make for an awkward experience. Awkward is not what you want on your wedding day. Find someone that you can relax with, be comfortable with, and just enjoy their presence. As you are having a destination wedding - ensure their level of English is where you want it to be to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding due to a language barrier.

Is the photographer and/or videographer that you are looking to hire experienced in different lighting scenarios? 
We are known for handling all types of lighting situations (as you can see from our portfolio), however - this might not be the case for all photographers/videographers you speak to. If you only see photos and videos taken during the daytime (natural lighting), you´ll want to ask for examples that show night time so that you can make sure they will be equipped to handle it.

What’s included with the packages? 
Not all photographers/videographers include the same things. What is important to you? We recommend creating a list of the things you are wanting from your photographer and/or videographer.

For example: not all photographers give the digital images. Are the rights to the images included or do you have to purchase prints through them? What kind of video edit is included? Is having two photographers/videographers important to you? Make a list of things you want. And then how much coverage time do you need? Side note: your photographer/videographer should help you with this! There are lots of important things to consider when creating a wedding timeline and the last thing you want is to feel rushed on your wedding day.

Does your photographer/videographer have backup equipment? 
This is a must for any wedding photographer/videographer. Technology has taken us this far, but at the end of the day - it is still technology and anything can happen. What happens if a camera breaks or simply stops working on your wedding day? Things happen, but if your photographer/videographer doesn’t have any backup gear, they won’t be able to continue shooting. 
Your wedding day is not something to take lightly - it´s an incredible honor and big responsibility to capture., so extra gear is a must for us. We double up on camera bodies, lenses, lighting - heck... we bring a whole cart of gear to ensure nothing gets missed!

You get what you pay for...
This might be a tough one to read and you  might be inclined to stop reading here, but it would be a disservice not mentioning this. If you are looking for high-end, professional photos, it will cost. This doesn’t mean everyone that charges a lot is a safe hire. Not at all. It simply means that the cost of the photography and/or videography generally goes along with the experience level your team offers. You pay for the experience!​

Take the time to read through reviews!
Nowadays, reviews are easily accessible, so go the extra mile.Check to see if your photographer and/or videographer have been reviewed on Wedding Wire, Google and Facebook.

Still have questions? Pop over to our FAQ (but be warned: information overload!)


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