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Welcome to Mexico!

Are you ready for blue skies, perfect sandy beaches, a gentle breeze through the palm trees and a beautiful turquoise ocean? Then you have picked the right location!

  You´re getting married in Mexico! How does it feel? Are you excited? Nervous? Thinking what now?

However you feel - it´s all perfectly normal. Planning a wedding is a big task and it´s important to choose each of your vendors carefully. Especially those who are there to capture each detail and ensure you can look back on this day in the future - your photographer and/or videographer.


That´s where we come in… M.E. Photo & Films! Our name is a very simple abbreviation. It stands for Maureen and Edgar - your fun loving and creative masterminds! We absolutely love what we do and allowing us to capture one of the most special days in your life, makes our job a true privilege.

So… let´s get to know M.E, or should we say us? You know what we mean!

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" Timeless Memories with Seamless Perfection!

Maureen and Edgar are truly exceptional. The entire experience was seamlessly smooth, with consistent communication from the start. Their passion for their work shines through as a fantastic duo. We cherish the attention to detail captured throughout, creating a lifetime of beautiful memories. Thank you immensely!

-Jamie & Bernad

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

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